More First Draft Live!

I can’t promise it will equal the stirring excitement of Islamofascism Awareness Week, but I am going to be speaking on campus at the College of DuPageon Tuesday, Nov. 6 at 12 p.m. If anyone is in the area, you should stop on by and say hello.

We’re going to be talking about how everybody went crazy after 9/11, about 2004 and 2008, about New Orleans and blogs, and about journalism. You know, all my favorite stuff, plus Holden’s ponies.


4 thoughts on “More First Draft Live!

  1. I’ll be sure to fly out the 1500 schmos who showed up for Coulter’s talk, just to get them into a REAL pundit discussion.

  2. Two thoughts on leadership for you, A (both from a wonderful leader named Patricia Hayes):
    1. “Leaders go first.” (Not in privileges, but in taking on the task at hand.) When there’s a job to be done, but no one wants to do it, the leader is the one who steps up and gets to work.
    2. “Leaders connect the dots.” To be a leader, you must be competent in the field of work; however, that’s just the beginning. The leader is the one who studies tasks, resources, challenges, problems, vision for the future, etc., and figures out how they all connect. Sometimes this manifests itself by simply opening up your mind to consider new juxtapositions of ideas.

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