Four Months Of Pony

Chimpy continues to scrape the bottom of theWaPo/ABCbarrel.

For the fourth consecutive month, Bush’s approval rating remains at a career low. Thirty-three percent said they approve of the job he is doing, and 64 percent disapprove. Majorities have disapproved of Bush’s job performance for more than 2 1/2 years.

2 thoughts on “Four Months Of Pony

  1. But don’t you love how he turns things around into, “I don’t read the polls” and that actually makes the base HAPPY?
    The brilliance of turning bad news into some kind of comment about his strong character is really stunning. And I think that it appeals to the Ring Wing Authoritarian personality who also loves that he never apologizes.
    Actually I don’t love this. I hate this. It is the triumph of spin over everything. When people say IOKIYAR they are talking about how they can spin even the worst news into something that is good for them.

  2. i FEEL your pain spocko.
    the democrats also seem to NOT be reading polls either.
    even tho 75% want a CHANGE OF DIRECTION. so that leaves 25% who like this shit.
    all i want is RULE OF LAW.

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