Thanks, General Betrayus!

Heckuva job!

The Iraqi interior minister said Wednesday that he would authorize raids by his security forces on Western security firms to ensure that they were complying with tightened licensing requirements on guns and other weaponry, setting up the possibility of violent confrontations between the Iraqis and heavily armed Western guards.

The tightening of the requirements followed a shooting in September by one of those firms, Blackwater, that Iraqi authorities said left 17 Iraqis dead.

“Every company will be subject to such examination, and any company that does not follow the law will lose its license,” the minister, Jawad al-Bolani, said of the planned raids. “They are called security companies. They are not called violate-the-law companies.”

One thought on “Thanks, General Betrayus!

  1. I hope Mr. Al-Bolani has an unlisted address, and a strong personal security detail that loves him, because I am afraid that he’s gonna be “Merc’d” for actually trying to enforce accountability and responsibility in the rogue ‘guns for hire’, I mean, “Blackwater and others” contingent.
    Bless him and keep him!

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