Pony Me!

There’s a newWall Street Journal/NBC News poll out. Chimpys job approval rating falls two points two 31%, just points above his all-timelow of29%.

One of the most striking findings in the latest NBC/WSJ poll is just how angry Americans — Democrats, Republicans, and independents — are, and how much they want change. Just 21% believe the country is on the right track, only 31% approve of Bush’s job, and a whopping 74% say they want the next president to take a different approach than Bush.

2 thoughts on “Pony Me!

  1. Those numbers make me feel better about Americans, not America.
    Sometimes I’m optimistic about possible changes in 2009 when a Demo prezzy begins working with a Demo congress…
    …Sometimes I don’t think they’ll be able to effectively do their jobs either
    Those elephants have better dirty tricks than those donkeys. Y’all got a contingency plan?

  2. I don’t get how only 21 % can think the country is on the right track (ok, I get why it’s so low.) What I don’t get is why 10% more, 31% still approve of Bush! Shouldn’t those two numbers be much closer? If the country is on the wrong track, after 7 years, shouldn’t more people hold Bush accountable? So, why the 10% difference?

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