Poor Harry

Here is a comment to a post byHarry Shearer today at HuffPo

That was a good posting. Heavy on information and light on opinion, which is nice.
never been to New Orleans but keep hearing how goddamn good the food is
there. I’m not arguing, but how good can it be to get all these raves?
Is it better than the Olive Garden (which I think is pretty good . . .
free salad, free bread)?

Harry typed this in response…

HARRY RESPONDS: Well, gee, no, not better
than the Olive Garden, now that you mention it. But, hell, nothing’s
better than the Olive Garden, is it?

And then he…

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UPDATE: I see Suspect Device has apictorial answer to the great Olive Garden question.

UPDATE: PHEW the end times are not near. The commenter returned to Shearer’s post to say…
“Fellas: Of course, I was being facetious; and Harry, being his droll, generous self, went along with the gag.”

6 thoughts on “Poor Harry

  1. The wife and I are moving from Vegas to Lafayette so we can finally eat some good food outside the home for the first time in a decade. Whoever wrote Harry should have his drivers license stamped “No admittance to Louisiana”.
    Outside of Vegas, people tend to refer to the Olive Garden as “going to the OG”. Since the OG in Vegas means Olympic Garden (strip club), we often humor know-it-all touristas who insist on going to “the OG, their treat”, by taking them there. Better yet, we tell them the restaurant is upstairs, which it is, but is also the locale for the male strippers.

  2. The animated icon is incorrect.
    The correct Olive Garden icon has a basketfull of breadsticks placed sticking up out of the keyboard.

  3. I bet they say “Oh Gee”, CybScryb
    (breadstick rimshot)
    I always thought the place was a myth.
    This is like finding out that Belushi’s hamburger shop is for real.

  4. “This is like finding out that Belushi’s hamburger shop is for real.”
    The Billy Goat Tavern? It is real — but I suspect you knew that.

  5. Well, to give Olive Garden credit where it’s due, the ones up here started doing free wine tastings on Friday and Saturday night in the lobby. At least you can get 5 or 6 half-glasses of free wine while you’re waiting for your table.
    “I really think I need to try that one again…yes, and that one…”

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