Your President Speaks! Again!

Yesterday, at theWhite House, during an interview for French television.

Eats Crow

Q The relations between France and the United States for a long time had cooled down for quite some time, for about three years, since the intervention in Iraq and since the opposition of three major countries — Russia, Germany and France. And this quote was lent to your administration whereby we should forgive Russia, forget Germany, and punish France. And France was punished for its rebelliousness. And number two, is the punishment over?

THE PRESIDENT: I never really felt that a disagreement over Iraq should yield a rupture in relations. I mean, I fully understand why people disagree with my decision, and so I never really subscribed to that theory. So there’s no punishment, really, in my — from my perspective.

Sarkozy or Sybil?

In other words, I’ve dealt with a lot of foreign leaders, and some — and each person brings their own set of personalities and values.

“The president doesn’t have second thoughts.” -D. Peroxide

Q With distance, do you think that the French arguments at the time — whereby there were no weapons of mass destruction, which was proven; there’s no direct relationship with the September 11th attacks — so do you think that these arguments were justified, so don’t you regret it after all?

THE PRESIDENT: No, I don’t at all.

Most Hated Question Evah

Q But your father, during the first Gulf War, had stopped at the doors of Baghdad. He left Saddam in sight, weakened, in power. So why didn’t you do the same thing as him? Did you speak with him? Did he tell you, son, you can do what I did not do 10 years ago? So ultimately, don’t you wonder as to that may not be what actually destabilized the region, ultimately?


But you say, does this cause there to be radicalism that causes the murder of the — causes people to lose their life?

Weird Rumors

Q So to a certain extent, you did contribute to giving greater power to Iran, because it no longer is facing its hated enemy on the other side. So now is there a true threat in Iran, and are you ready now to invade Iran as you did with Afghanistan and Iraq? So it is indeed true that Vice President — is it true that Vice President Cheney has a plan for that?

THE PRESIDENT: I don’t know where you’re getting all these rumors — there must be some weird things going on in Europe these days — because I have made it abundantly clear, now is the time to deal with a true threat to world peace — that’s Iran — and to do it diplomatically and peacefully. And

Life Inside The Bubble, Part I

But to say that to enhance a free society on Iran’s border strengthens the Iranians is just not true. I simply don’t buy into that logic — or illogic, in this case. I think a free society on Iran’s border is going to be — make their life more difficult. I think that, ultimately, they’re going to feel pressure about the type of government they have when their people look across the border and see a flourishing, free society.

Life Inside The Bubble, Part II

Q But in spite of all your efforts, the United States today have a worse image today than they had seven years ago; people find Americans less likeable pretty much everywhere in the world. Do you have your own share of responsibility, or is this inevitable because the United States is the most powerful country in the world?

THE PRESIDENT: Look, first of all, I think most people respect America and they like Americans.

Getting Testy

Q In the past we used to say that the American Dream was freedom, but today it seems to be repression, more self-focused society.

THE PRESIDENT: That’s absurd to say the American Dream is repression.

Help Stand Up

I think we can help stand up a Palestinian state.

There Is Disagreements

And, look, I understand there’s disagreements.

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