Buckeye Ponies

Sucks to bethe Chimp.

Bush didn’t fare nearly as well in the poll, with 31 percent of all Ohio registered voters approving of his performance, 66 percent disapproving and 3 percent with no opinion.

This is the lowest approval rating Bush has received during his presidency, down from an 89 percent approval rating in November 2001, the Ohio Poll said in a news release.

Most Republicans (60 percent), say Bush is doing a good job, but 68 percent of Independent voters and 95 percent of Democratic voters disapprove.

Some of the specifics on Bush’s performance:

  • 50 percent of voters who describe themselves as white evangelical Protestants approve of his performance, 47 percent disapprove and 4 percent have no opinion.
  • 33 percent of Ohio voters approve of his handling of foreign affairs, 67 percent disapprove and 2 percent are neutral.
  • 31 percent are happy with Bush’s handling of the Iraq situation, 67 percent are unhappy and 2 percent neither approve nor disapprove.
  • 34 percent agree with Bush’s handling of the economy, 64 percent disagree and 2 percent have no opinion.

5 thoughts on “Buckeye Ponies

  1. Too little, too late Ohio.
    (assuming your 2004 votes weren’t screwed with, which may have been the case, but unfortunately we’ll probably never know)

  2. 99% of the people of Ohio who don’t read the Free Press haven’t heard of any of Bush’s major crimes.

  3. Roundhead, the suggestion that we don’t know is hilarious.
    Those crimes are now in evidence. The new SecState removed the entire Cuyahoga county election board FOR CAUSE, firing the two top Republicans on the board in person after public hearings. Diebold has been outed as utterly rigged for vote-stealing. Rep. Conyers documented the massive vote obstruction. And Senator Kerry and a lot of Democrats supported the Greens effort to get a recount, ordered by the court, which Bush campaign chair SecState Blackwell refused to perform, even when threatened with contempt. There’s more to the evidence stream than that, but it’s enough to stop people from pretending that the facts aren’t WAY out on the vote fraud of both of this Preznit’s ‘eLECTIONS.’

  4. Paul — I agree that the votes in Ohio were tampered with.

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