Packer fans…Best in the World

Now don’t argue with me onthis one. This is just so cool. HBO’s “Inside the NFL” followed Door County Gulf Coast Relief Fund volunteers who traveled during the Packers bye week to Kiln, MS the hometown of Brett Favre. It wasn’t a one time trip and it wasn’t just to see Brett’s hometown…

the volunteers,
who have ranged in age from 18 to 70, don’t just roll
off their couches, switch off their remotes and decide to spend the
Packers bye week rebuilding homes in Mississippi.

The latest convoy of about 30 volunteers who headed south last Saturday marked the 20th rebuilding trip in the 26 months since Hurricane Katrina smashed into the Gulf Coast on Aug. 29, 2005.


Sept. 19, 2005, D’Amico and the Mickelsons were indeed doing something
as they drove 21 hours to Mississippi with a crew of volunteers on
their first rebuilding trip.

that first trip, the Door County Gulf Coast Relief Fund has put 44
people back into their hurricane-ravaged homes with the help of more
than 275 volunteers.

And they are going back. And I have to share this. On my first trip to NOLA I also went to MS. On the way I saw the sign for Kiln and asked R. my gracious guide…”Just how far is it to Kiln?” For a minute I sat silent with a burning desire to ask…”Can we go?” Oh yeah–I admit I wanted to go to Kiln but knew that was not what the trip was about so I didn’t ask. I was a bit annoyed with myself and thought…Grow the Hell Up. Then I lightened up on myself admitting that there is justsomething about Kiln and Favre that gets to us Packer fans.

And if this segment from Inside the NFL doesn’t get to you just a bit, well…

6 thoughts on “Packer fans…Best in the World

  1. scout
    I just drove through Packer country on my NFC North driving tour (though we didn’t make it to Green Bay, since the Packers were out of town). We managed to arrive in the NFL friendly spot we were staying to watch the Pats/Colts game just as the Packers won, which was fun. (And note: the NFC North had had a banner day, with Detroit thumping Denver even the Bears beating the spread against the bye week.)
    One thing I noticed is all the trucks with pink ribbons. I speculated whether it was so prevalent because Deanna Favre is the spokesperson for NFL’s breast cancer awareness month. Mr. emptywheel said, “well maybe they have a family member who had breast cancer.” I responded, “they did: Deanna Favre.”

  2. “”well maybe they have a family member who had breast cancer.” I responded, “they did: Deanna Favre.””
    Oh emptywheel that is just perfect!

  3. Ahem. I’ll forgive you the gratuitous “Detroit thumping Denver” comment, emptywheel. This time. My beloved Broncos may suck this year, but this too shall pass.
    Anyway, scout, thanks for posting this. It’s a wonderful story. I just hope those snotty guys in Chicago who dissed the Saints last year take a look at this and feel ashamed. These Packer fans are something special.

  4. Ooooh BuggyQ I forgot about that. Just one more reason for us Cheeseheads to claim the higher ground

  5. i have read about the history of the packers, i have been to green bay. we don’t just love our packers here, green bay is the packers SOUL MATE. brett favre just made it like the brad pitt/angelina jolie kind of soul mate love. and green bay will do what it has to, to show just how much they love the place that gave them the bestest packer and bestest quarterback EVER.
    i saw most of that segment last night. i swear those guys on that show were just awed at our love. heh heh, dan, you ain’t worth of our love! i hope this also gets more of us packer fans to join in. not like georgie is gonna do anything for the gulf coast.

  6. This is seriously the kind of thing I wish more NFL teams and fans had going.
    Such a WONDERFUL change from finding your star players on the police beat (or the party boat).
    That Dianna Favre is so loved in Green Bay is a great tribute to the fans as well as the team.

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