Your President Speaks!

Yesterday, at Brooke Army Medical Center inSan Antonio, Texas, which he visited in an attempt to justify billing millions to US taxpayers to cover his travel expenses to two Republikkkan fundraisers.

San Antonio Now A State

I am here to highlight one of the world’s top rehabilitation facilities — right here in my home state of San Antonio, Texas.

There’s Obvious Some Disagreements

Now, look, there’s obvious some disagreements between me and the Congress, but there’s no disagreement over the amount of money we’re going to spend for veterans.

Forgot To Add “In An Unnecessary War”

I’ll never forget looking at Christian’s eyes, and wondering whether or not he was going to make it. See, both his legs were blown off, and he didn’t look good.

Those Type Of Citizens

Our country is a remarkable country that has produced men and women who volunteer to protect our nation in the face of danger. And there’s no better example of finding those type of citizens than right here; citizens who have shown incredible courage; citizens who love our country; and citizens whose resolve is inspiring.

3 thoughts on “Your President Speaks!

  1. Vileness. Watertiger has pix of that visit. Vile vile opportunism.
    San Antonio Now A State
    yeah and he’s not from there either…

  2. I looked and didn’t see it elsewhere here, but maybe I just missed it. Did you note how Dana Peroxide talked about Chimpy’s trip, saying he would be in San Antonio and then, later, he would arrive “in Texas?”

  3. The jerk couldn’t even leave town without causing damage…I was stuck on a plane coming back from Dallas…had to hold two different times and the pilot came on at the end to tell us that AF1 had caused damage to one of the runways at SAT airport. We were an hour and a half getting in and had to land on a shorter runway…the pilot had to slam on the brakes to get it stopped short and everyone got jostled about.
    There were a number of other flights delayed and the terminal was full of people who were pissed at monkey boy.
    That, at least was a good thing. The more people who are pissed at him, the better off we all will be.

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