I’m Going To Be Sick: Journalism Edition


With tuition-gouged and cash-strapped college students already barely making it through unpaid or poorly-paid internships, I’m truly horrified to find — if true, and I hope it’s not — an internship at Harper’s Bazaar being sold to the highest bidder. Even if the beneficiary is charity, the charity is counting on the desperation of some of the least-affluent members of society to line its own pockets; e.g. the poor robbing the poor. And why should the ability to rack up debt or beg your parents for some cash trump someone’s merits for the job? And what employer would want to hire someone who bought their internship? This may have been well-intentioned, but it’s also ill-conceived and fatally flawed.

Story here:

This Package includes: A One month internship with renowned fashion magazine, Harper’s Bazaar.

Current and stylish, Harper’s Bazaar magazine provides some of the best comprehensive coverage of the fashion world today. By showing the latest from the catwalks worldwide, the magazine has become an indispensable source of information about beauty, health, fitness, finance, home decoration, travel, entertainment and art for every woman, while the emphasis is still on fashion. Clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry and watches from the leading designers, fashion tips from the stars, must-haves and great finds- it’s all inside! Inspiring and celebrating the feminine style since 1867, Harper’s Bazaar is now a true fashion authority for which designers as well as regular women can look up to. This is a fabulous opportunity!


7 thoughts on “I’m Going To Be Sick: Journalism Edition

  1. I am thinking that Harper’s Bazaar only ever gives its internships to those of the wealthy class anyway–it’s a “who you know” situation, not who is most qualified.

  2. Internships have always been for rich, connected kids. This is just the logical next step.

  3. While your heart’s undoubtedly in the right place on this, internships in general are simply another case of the wealthy setting things up for their next generation. For the lower class, the “opportunity” to work for free is a sick joke, no matter what great connections might develop from it. It’s nice that the money is going to charity, but even if it weren’t –if the company was flat out saying “Pay us to work here and buff your resume”– it wouldn’t change the demographics of the interns very much.

  4. Biff, that’s not true at all.
    At my university, we have a variety of programs that support students so they CAN take internships. The recipients of our progams are always determined by a combination of need and merit.
    This selling to the highest bidder is complete fucking bullshit.

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