12 thoughts on “Bike Cam

  1. Oy. Same problem I get when I put a camera on my bike – vi-bo-ra-tion. And a sound track is necessary, because the wind noise is beyond belief.

  2. Actually, I liked the movement it is what it is being on a bicycle – it was apropos (and the tune! who was that?). I want more bike cam and more of that cool music!!! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. da na na na na na na na BIKE CAM!
    (Okay, it’s possible I need sleep. Or more coffee.)
    Still … BIKE CAM! I love it.

  4. I tried attaching mine to my helmet once; that was Not Good, which I think means that I make too many squirrely head motions. Best I ever did was lashing it tight to the outside of a backpack which was in turn lashed into a pannier (an xtracycle, actually). All that fabric and weight tending to soak up a lot of the vibration. I used it to make a 40 minute video of road debris. Attached to the handlebars (like you did) was dead worst for vibration.

  5. I am such a bike wuss. Street riding scares the bejesus out of me–when you pulled up by that van at the beginning and it started to pull out…eeeeeek! I’m lucky to live in a town with an extensive set of bike trails. I can go 30 miles with only brief stints of road riding.
    As for the vibration, I feel that I now have some small idea of how Ann Coulter sees the world.

  6. Scout, I should have asked you this long ago:
    have you ever done anything with hooking up an exercycle to a generator? I’m looking at several plans and while I can’t put the power company out of business, I can charge a 12 volt battery and use it to recharge a lot of portable electric devices.

  7. BuggyQ: I don’t know where you live, but if there is a bike advocacy group in your town, contact them and see if they offer Road 1 classes, which are classes to help you get more confident with riding with traffic. Even if you never want to ride on the road, I can really recommend this class because it just gives you more confidence all around.
    REI offers a helmet cam–I have thought of getting it to do just what dr2chase has done–show the debris in bike lanes and also the numerous places where people park in bike lanes. I thought it might be less vibrate-y…guess not.

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