Pakistani Ponies

ThePakistanis love them some Bin Laden.

A public opinion poll of Pakistanis in September ranking certain leaders according to their popularity suggests what the results have been. Bin Laden, at 46% approval, was more popular than Musharraf, at 38%, who in turn was far better liked than Bush, at a bottom-scraping 7%. There is every reason to believe that, with the imposition of martial law, Musharraf’s and Bush’s popularity have sunk even further. Wars, whether on terror or anything else, don’t tend to go well when the enemy is more popular than those supposedly on one’s own side.

One thought on “Pakistani Ponies

  1. Can anyone explain to me how Musharaff can be such a loyal supporter of Bush and keep control of country who rates Bush at 7 % (that is ignoring the dictator possibility?)

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