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Sex Determined Army Iraq Contracts

A former employee of a Tennessee defense company is accused of sleeping with an Air Force contracting officer to secure Iraq contracts.

Eric W. Barton, who worked for EOD Technology Inc., which won at least $2.5 million in Iraq contracts, is accused of having a six-month relationship with Air Force Capt. Sherrie Remington, who at the time was in charge of awarding some contracts for work in Iraq, The San Antonio Express-News reported Nov. 11.

A report by the U.S. Army urges the company be debarred, which means the company — which has been escorting military supply convoys in Iraq — would not be allowed to get any more government contracts, the newspaper said.

From 2005 through spring 2006, when the affair was allegedly taking place, the company’s contracts increased from $3.8 million to $106 million.

5 thoughts on “Wacka-Wow, Wacka-Wacka Wow-Wow…

  1. Between just this one and the lady from Minnesotta, how much have we increased the national debt for 2 ladies?

  2. What the fuck is a goddamn O-3 doing handing out contracts, anyway? Why is an Air Force captain in charge of ANY of this shit?

  3. Pansy,
    I stand corrected. I amend to how much do these 2 (1 who could be accused of selling herself for money from MN and 1 *ahem* kept gentleman)

  4. Actually, it’s kind of refreshing to discover that contracting in Iraq wasn’t ALL about paying GOP loyalists and contributors. In the context, a good old sex scandal seems pretty tame.

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