Red State Ponies

I’m beginnig to wonder if there are anyRed States left.

More than half of adults in five military-friendly Southern Atlantic states say the United States should no longer be in Iraq and that the conflict was not worth the fight, according to a poll released Friday.

The Elon University survey found that 52 percent of adults in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia no longer support a military presence in Iraq.

The same percentage of respondents also said they feel the war in Iraq was not worth fighting, compared with 40 percent who said it was worth it. And 57 percent said they support setting a timetable to remove some U.S. troops from Iraq by the summer of 2008.

Those numbers weighed heavily on President Bush, with only 34 percent of adults approving of how he’s served as president compared with 57 percent of those who disapprove.

Bush’s approval numbers have been on a constant slide. In February, an Elon poll recorded a 37 percent approval rating in the same southeast region, and, one year before that, 43 percent approval.