Happy Dodd Photo: Suck It, Laura Edition

Oh noes! He spoke Teh Spanglish! My world, it is destroyed!

Does anybody else remember back when we were kids, and the ice caps melted and the woolly mammoths moved out, and having life skills like, say, speaking another language was viewed as an advantage to making one’s way in the world?

Of all the aggressive stupid on the wingnut end this one makes me the craziest, mostly because it’s obviously part and parcel of their whole “Teh Brainmeats, They Scarez Me”thing. I have a total tin ear for languages. Can practice myself into familiarity with one, but if I don’t use it? Out of my head it goes, to make room for more LOLcat and cock jokes and other stuff they teach at the Crack Den, troll-mocking mostly, and how to get half a porcupine out of a Cuisinart.

Languages are not things that come naturally to me, so I envy those who can learn and speak them with very little effort. Which maybe is the other half of it, that feelings of vague inadequacy (I also kill house plants pretty regularly) in any area are grounds to hate those with skill in that same area, at least if you’re a be-Cheeto-penised glue-huffer couch-commanding one of thosejoke remotes that tells you how to get your wife to stop talking about shoe shopping. I mean, honestly, what is the problem here? Dodd can speak Spanish. He can also kick ass. The other presidential candidates presumably also have superpowers. It’s a party. Fire up the blender and enjoy.



8 thoughts on “Happy Dodd Photo: Suck It, Laura Edition

  1. I speak English, French pretty well, a bit of Spanish (funny how that is — I used to speak Spanish better than French by a long shot, but I use my French more), a teeny tiny bit of Japanese (about enough to answer the phone and make some useless small talk), and some rudimentary Hebrew.
    I envy you your skill at getting partial porcupines from food processors, although I’m perplexed by how you picked it up.

  2. Doesn’t Laura Ingraham remember that her Dear Leader has also attempted Spanish? Maybe she just objects to people who arecompetent at foreign languages…

  3. Speaking Spanish!
    Speaking Spanish!
    As opposed to Chimpy, who is fuckingwalking spanish
    Of all the aggressive stupid on the wingnut end this one makes me the craziest, mostly because it’s obviously part and parcel of their whole “Teh Brainmeats, They Scarez Me” thing.
    And this also speaks to Ingraham’s initial disdain of “why are these guys (not the front runners) even up there?” Because fuck me if I might want to listen to intelligent people who have enough drive and power and character and charisma to even make the race sit and compare their viewpoints, frame the issues and raise awareness an’ shit…
    cock jokes
    you’ve been holding back on us (puppy eyes)
    *Even jesus wanted just a little more time
    When he was walking spanish down the hall

  4. a better question, how do you get porcupine INTO a cuisenart.
    i have dyslexia and just taking spanish was a bitch. history was easy, but language. oy. even in denmark, i could only pick up essentials. like tak(thank you(, flød-1/2 and 1/2, smøre-butter. but pointing and fingers at the bakery was enough.
    but i am pretty good at saying spanish. that’s how goergie appears to be fluent.

  5. Bush’s Spanglish (it’s fractured even for Tex Mex) ain’t any better than mine, and while mine gets me by at work it ain’t good enough to get me a new job. So.
    Black Sheep One

  6. He not only speaks Spansih, but he does so quite wonderfully. I’ve seen him giving interviews on Univision, and the guy is really good (I think he speaks better Spanish than Bill please-remember_that-I-have-a-Hispanic-mother Reichardson). It’s especially amazing, given that he speaks English like a combination of Mayor Quimby and John Kerry.

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