School’s Still Out

UPDATE:Ray in New Orleans has much better pics than mine. Also Children of Men.


The sign in the cafeteria of this lower 9th ward school reads “Welcome to the New Louis Armstrong School.” Ray in New Orleans and I went there yesterday and took these photos. It has been 1 year 7 months and 8 days since the levees broke and this building looks as though it happened yesterday. Nothing has been done with it. Nothing. It was as if time stood stll.


The area was silent and deserted yesterday but a pickup truck pulled up as we walked the campus of the school. 3 men got out and talked with us a few minutes. They were contractors checking out the building in order to put in a bid for its demolition. That is really all that could be done with this school given the amount of damage.


It was terribly poignant. to read the writing on the chalkboard from this teacher dated August 26, 2005…a welcome to a new school year that never would be.


If only George fucking Bush could learn this


Once new school books tumbling out of a closet…


Table in the cafeteria




More photos after the jump…

(Post title is from the wonderful lb0313 who opens her home to me each time I visit. I am eternally grateful for her gracious hospitality and dear friendship. Thank You lb)




Waterlines from the flood…







A calculator outside a building…



Inside a classroom. All the ceilings were falling in and the mold was terrible. We had not brought our repirators and really ought to have as my chest hurt from just the few minutes inside to take pics.




Pop cans tumbling out of a machine…







8 thoughts on “School’s Still Out

  1. There are 2 photos that I found especially poignant that I wonder if you should submit to a national network and use to highlight the situation.
    The first one is the TEAM poster (Together Everyone Achieves More). The second is the “Welcome” sign on the door. Both highlight the irony of the lack of recovery.

  2. 28% of Californians still support Bush. I wasn’t aware that my state had that high a percentage of *****(words fail me). Ten years ago I doubt that 2.8% of Californians would have been willing to support a president who would betray everything our country stands for as this one has. Have we no shame?

  3. shouldn’t the troops be painting this school or something? so the media can report the good news coming out of nola for a change?

  4. Isn’t it freakin’ disgraceful? This in the richest country in the world whose priorities are effed up.
    It was great meeting you Saturday. I am in awe of you and your group and “thanks” will never convey my feelings for what you all do.

  5. There’s a particular and persistent out-of-context line/lyric that immediately pops into my mind when I see these photos, especially so many months later: “When time and life shook hands and said goodbye/When the earth folded in on itself…”
    I wonder if this school will ever function again, in any manner?

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    While canvassing with Common Ground last month, I wandered briefly through Joseph A. Hardin Elementary in the Lower 9th Ward. It was a sad and lonely place, untouched since the storm. Then last week, while watching Children of Men for…

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