Market Driven Bulldozers

Go to Squandered Heritage to see the photos. Karen says this of it…

While the residents of the City have encouraged active reinvestment in
the City, the City itself has encouraged, promoted and provided the
means to create active dis-investment.


So here we are lettingmarket forces do the job, and right now the market force is demolition. Let’s face it, it is easy..notcheap, so a fair number of folks are making anice profit off it. And it sounds likeprogress to our Mayor. But it sounds like, looks like and feels like despair to those of us who do not live onParkIsland

(h/tLibrary Chronicles)

One thought on “Market Driven Bulldozers

  1. disgusting, just disgusting. I guess the Chimperor is proud of his continuing negative impact on New Orleans. I hate him…purple passion is pale compared to my hate for that ignorant turd of a human being and all that do the worst they can instead of helping their country/state/county/city/community.

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