Remind Me To Never Piss Ron Kampeas Off


Dunleavy repeatedly pressed Huckabee to free Dumond, in his columns and in personal queries to the then-governor. In the end the parole board saved Huckabee from making the decision (reportedly under pressure from Huckabee, although he now denies this.)

In any case, Dunleavy made Dumond’s release a national cause. Yet he has maintained silence since Dumond’s arrest in the 2001 rape-murder.

I’ve never met Dunleavy, but he has a reputation as a standup guy. So let’s hear it: Freedom of speech is at stake, Steve. We need to know your innermost thoughts: What were you thinking when you championed this murderer? What do you think now?


2 thoughts on “Remind Me To Never Piss Ron Kampeas Off

  1. I had to hit the link to find out who Ron Kampeas was. I expect a extra special Friday Ferret Blogging video tomorrow!

  2. Several days ago the Post had a short innocuous piece on the Huckaberry revelations. The Post’s editor wrote it and I emailed him to ask when the Post would bring up their own columnist’s role in this mess. The editor wrote back that wasn’t I a clever boy but at least they should get points for even bringing up the story…

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