FEMA to finally test trailers

Shouldthis be prefaced with– believe it when see it?

NEW ORLEANS — Air-quality tests on the government-issued trailers
housing thousands of Gulf Coast hurricane victims are scheduled to
begin by next Wednesday, nearly two months after the Federal Emergency
Management Agency postponed them.

Johnson, FEMA’s deputy administrator, disclosed the agency’s latest
plans for the tests during a hearing Wednesday in Washington before the
Senate Homeland Security Committee.

Senators pressed Johnson to explain the delays in testing 500 occupied
trailers in Mississippi and Louisiana, where tens of thousands of homes
were damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in August 2005.

Times Picayune has more.

Meanwhile Chertoff claims one problem with DHS istoo much Congressional oversight.

Chertoff also said the department will spend the next year looking
internally to improve the way it functions as a single, unified
institution. He said one of the obstacles is excessive congressional
oversight. While insisting that he believes monitoring is good for the
department, he said DHS is dealing with “oversight run amok.” In 2007,
DHS officials testified before Congress 224 times. In the five-year
history of the agency, officials have provided 7,800 written reports
and answered 13,000 questions for the record.

Yeah that’s the ticket…

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  1. Dumb Question: and just what percentage of those questions dealt with how DHS goofed up?

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