NOLA photographer case over


John McCusker,
the news photographer arrested following Hurricane Katrina, walked out
of court Thursday with tears in his eyes and the case finally behind

pleaded guilty two misdemeanors, but the rule under which he entered
the plea allows it to be expunged from his record in six months.

McCusker must also pay almost $1,000 in fines and fees, including $250
to the police officer slightly injured in the incident.

McCusker, a
photographer who was part of The Times-Picayune’s 2006 Pulitzer
Prize-winning staff, was seen driving wildly through the city August 8,
2006, almost a year after Katrina.

Police described McCusker as distraught, repeatedly saying, “Just kill
me, get it over with, kill me.” He put his car in reverse and pinned an
officer between the rear bumper of his vehicle and a police cruiser.
McCusker drove away again, but was captured by police a short time

Hopefully he can move on now

2 thoughts on “NOLA photographer case over

  1. I remember driving by the scene just minutes after the police apprehended him at the St. Charles/Jefferson intersection last year. There were cops all over and various small crowds of people discussing something on the street and you got the feeling something really weird happened. Since I was late to my poker game, though, I didn’t stop to ask questions and read about the scene the next morning in the paper.
    I hope the guy can find some closure, and continue the mental healing process.

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