NOLA Housing Vote

The New Orleans City Council will be voting on the demolition of several public housing developments today.

The meeting can be seenLIVE HERE.

Right now the meeting has not begun as protestors are standing and chanting and the Council head is asking security to the enforce council’s rules.

UPDATE: They are still trying to start the meeting. Asking for people to take their seats according to council rules or they will be escorted out of the council chambers. Continued calls for sherrifs to enforce those rules and take people out so they can begin the council meeting.

FYI–The live feed is coming and going

UPDATE: Meeting is now beginning

UPDATE: More info on what occurred prior to meeting and some background on the voteavailable HERE

UPDATE:Video feed gone. is liveblogging the meetingHERE

UPDATE: Video up againHERE. CNN and MSNBC now covering the protests outside City Hall

New post here for UPDATES on the votes

2 thoughts on “NOLA Housing Vote

  1. Whoever is actually doing the live blogging is really capturing the drama:
    The council finally opens the meeting, with the customary pledge to allegiance and the playing of the national anthem. At this time, several people have been removed by police, including rapper Sess 4-5, who when asked for his real name by a reporter, replies, “F—- off.”
    Attorney Tracie Washington accused officials of changing the rules for the public housing crowd.
    “That’s retarded,” Washington says to Peggy Lewis, clerk of council. “You have to let these people in. You’ve got 800,000 police here. Ain’t nobody going to do anything in here.”

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