New Crush Blogging: Lucky Woman

Mrs. Democratic Hotness:

Jackie Clegg Dodd, wife of Democratic candidate and Connecticut Sen. Christopher Dodd, moved with her family to Iowa for the presidential campaign.

Clegg Dodd says that finding doctors, hair stylists, and schools for her two daughters has helped put her in touch with the concerns of Iowans.

“When you’re living in a place, versus coming in and spending time in hotels, you actually get to know a little bit more about it,” she tells Michele Norris. “There are some candidates who fly in and fly out again.”

She says that it took a period of years — “when he was watching [the Bush administration] trample on the Constitution” — for her husband to decide to enter the presidential race.

“I really feel like he did this because he was deeply concerned about the direction of the country, both in foreign policy and in domestic policy.”

I feel it’s my duty to warn you this may be the Happy Dodd Blog for the forseeable future, until he either drops out of the race, wins the whole shebang, or becomes somebody’s VP pick (please, Edwards/Obama, please). I realized at a party tonight that I have become that annoying girl who gets a new boyfriend and can’t shut the fuck up about how awesome he is and how cute and how he drives this great car, and let me tell you about his plan for women’s health care.


4 thoughts on “New Crush Blogging: Lucky Woman

  1. I heard her on NPR and was as impressed with her as I have been with her husband lately. You go right ahead and make this a Happy Dodd Blog. That’ll make me right happy, too. There’s something so damned sexy about a guy who loves the Constitution…

  2. I’m with you A. Dodd’s the only one who really doing it for me right now. Jackie Dodd was a wonderful interview. I didn’t cringe at any statement. What a concept!

  3. i liked that interview as well.
    but while dodd’s hair is very very nice, the teevee gnews will not allow him to be anything but a senator.

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