4 thoughts on “Love Love Love Love Crazy Love

  1. mdhatter says:

    This slipped my mind when my friends said they were going to a wedding on New Years Eve. Of course, I live near Boston, and my sister-in-law married my sister what seems like forever ago.
    See everyone, the world doesn’t end when you start accepting people for who they are, and stop trying to make them more like you. It just rolls on.

  2. oyster says:


  3. mr_teem says:

    That’s a headline I never thought I would live to see in the Union Leader. 😀

  4. BuggyQ says:

    In my world, the only people who have any concern about who can and cannot get married to each other are God and the IRS. And both of them can take care of themselves, thenkeweverymuch.
    Everybody else sees those videos and smiles beatifically.
    I like my world. Too bad it’s only in my head.

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