3 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: Holidays’ End Edition

  1. Mine use a box in the bathroom (with adjacent newspaper for near misses), as well as a small box in their cage.
    The cage is used when company (usually friends, with unknown dogs) comes over, but mainly exists as a barrier between my dog and their food.
    I hear ferrets prefer hard litter (paper/wood pellets) to soft litter (paper/wood shavings). My vet told me not to use clay litter.
    As for where they sleep, there is a bathroom drawer (above the furnace room) that I could’t keep them out
    of, so I just change the bedding in there.

  2. mdhatter, not only do they not like wood shavings/wood litter, it’s actually dangerous for them. We got a ferret in the shelter one day that had been kept in a cage with hamster litter. The sawdust had damaged his lungs so badly he wheezed, and he ended up dying. It was awful.
    We used clay litter for a while, but it didn’t absorb the smell as well as Yesterday’s News, the recycled paper litter. The clay was dusty and annoying, too.
    Mine have a small box outside the cage and a large box inside it. They’re closed in at night and when we’re not home, mostly for their safety, but when we’re home, they’re out and they like to pass out on the couch, under the afghans.

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