Your President Speaks!

The Friday Pre-Middle Eastern Trip Interviews, Part I: An Interview With The US-ControlledAl Hurra TV.

A Chance To Be Effective

Now because I believe that it’s possible to advance the Annapolis agenda; now because I believe it’s just going to be — that it will be a chance to be effective on my trip.

When There Needs To Be Hold Hands

I can press when there needs to be pressed; I can hold hands when there needs to be — hold hands.

Keep A Vision On It

And my job is to help them keep a vision on what is possible.

Brain Wreck

And so the state will come into being, subject to, but the first step is to — here’s what a state will look like.

What The Key Ingredients To Having A Weapons Program Is

They suspended the program. I will also remind them that a regime that once had a program could easily start the program up again, and that the key ingredients to having a weapons program is, one, the capacity to enrich uranium; secondly, the ability to take that uranium and make a bomb; and thirdly, the ability to deliver the bomb by rockets.

They Say They

As you know, they say they, only for civilian purposes, they’re learning to enrich.

Return Of The Suiciders

And our position is, is that you can have better relations, a better way forward with the United States, but you have got to get out of Lebanon, in terms of the presidential elections, and stop harboring Hamas, stop letting suiciders go into Iraq, and there’s a better way forward.

Hopes To Be Remembered As The Guy Who Murdered The Innocents

I hope they remember me as the guy who was willing to fight extremists who murdered the innocent to achieve political objectives, and at the same time, had great faith in the people, the average citizen of the Middle East, to self-govern; that the Middle East has got a fantastic future and that I admire the great traditions of the Middle East and believe that the average man can succeed mightily; that societies are best served when they respond to the will of people, and that we must reject the extremists who have a different view of that, the people that only prey on hopelessness.

Great Love For The Human Being

I would hope that they would say President Bush respects my religion and has great love for the human — human being, and believes in human dignity.

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  1. I pity the poor interpreters who have to translate this into Arabic. Their heads must be ready to explode. I can’t even understand most of it in English.

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