Your President Speaks!

The Friday Pre-Middle Eastern Trip Interviews, Part II: An Interview WithIsrael’s Channel 2 News.

Throw In A Noun Once In A While

And so the goal is to have something other than just verbs — words.

Military Covert Program

It means to me that Iran was a threat and Iran is a threat. In other words, just because they had a military covert program that it suspended doesn’t mean, one, they could restart it.

What Two Doesn’t Mean

And two, doesn’t mean that their capacity to enrich couldn’t — you know, so-called civilian program — couldn’t be transferred to a military.

Cerebral Crack-Up

Because if things were okay and everything is, you know, smooth, the job is kind of — it’s interesting.

Chimpy The Historian

I’m still — I read a lot of history these days. I like to read a lot about Abraham Lincoln, for example. And if they’re still analyzing the 16th — the history of the 16th President, see, then I — the 43rd guy just doesn’t need to worry about it.

State of Principles

I tell my friends from Texas, I left the state with a state of principles, and I’m returning with the same set of principles.