Your President Speaks!

Yesterday, inChicago, before the Union League Club of Chicago.

He Went To A Pabst Blue Ribbon School

I remember a while back, everybody was a blue ribbon school. But that’s not the way it is these days because we’re judicious in who gets awarded a Blue Ribbon School.

What Chicago Got

Then the Mayor had me briefed by the 2016 Olympic Committee bid team, and you got a good bid.

The Seven Year Itch

It’s seven years we’ve had experience in dealing with anxiety.

The Sixth Sense

There’s a sense where we can be optimistic.

Our Economic Horizon

One of the interesting adjustments that has happened in our economic horizon has been that trade has been a significant part of growth.

What We Got Coming Up

And we got some trade votes that will be coming up this year: Colombia, Panama, and South Korea.

Begin To Diversity

As a matter of fact, I signed good legislation, passed by Republicans and Democrats, that enable us to begin to diversity away from oil and gas, and that’s good.

You Taxes May Be Going Up

If you’re an entrepreneur thinking about investing, and all of a sudden you’re looking at a horizon where you taxes may be going up, it creates uncertainty.

So True

I’m absolutely convinced we can do a better job of having the estate tax put on the road to extinction and then let it pop back up. It makes no sense.

Make The Taxes Permanent

If you’re a single mom with two children and $30,000 in earnings, her taxes will go up by 67 percent — or about $1,600. If the taxes aren’t made permanent, this is going to affect a lot of Americans in very negative ways. If you’re an elderly couple with $40,000 in income, they would see their taxes go up by about 155 percent — or another $100.

Those Who Have Credit-Worthy

It doesn’t cost one dime of your money, but it’s the use of federal influence to bring investors and counselors and lenders and services of loans together, to help find those who have credit-worthy to help them stay in their homes.

The Global War On Articles Continues…

By the way, they passed good law — you know, I don’t know if you know this or not, but if you refinance your home, it’s a tax liability for you.

… And Continues

And we passed good law to make that easier.

The Housing Purposes

Tax-exempt bonds, some of them for the housing purposes, can be used to help people buy a new house.

Them There Words Is Fancy

I’m on the side of small businesses by saying I believe businesses ought to pool — be allowed to pool risk across jurisdictional boundaries. That’s fancy words for, if you’re a restaurant in Chicago, you ought to be able to put your employees in the same risk pool as a restaurant in Texas, so you can get discounts on your insurance, just like big companies can get discounts on their insurance.

Is A Key Issue

And there’s a fundamental debate, and I strongly believe the government, by passing good policies, can help us deal — help small businesses deal with health care — is a key issue.

I Bet They Do

People say, why do you think?

Chicago: A Great Location

Thank you for helping Chicago and the area around Chicago. You’re one of the really great locations in the United States of America.

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  1. Jeezus Fucking J.H. Christ and his black brother Harry. I am so SICK of this guy. Can’t he utter a single sentence without “in other words,” or “them’s fancy words for,” or just a single complete grammatically correct fucking sentence? Why?

  2. it’s the drain bamage from the booze and blow, cat
    though i’m still not ruling out ol’ Babs dropping him on his head in infancy

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