Your President Speaks! Again!

Yesterday, inChicago, at Horace Greeley Elementary School.

Look, Up In The Sky! It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane! No, It’s Chicago Board Of Education Man!

I’m proud to be here with Rufus Williams. He’s a Chicago Board of Education man.

Mental Mash-up

Every good school– every school that succeeds — by the way, it’s a Blue Ribbon School. So I asked Margaret — like, I remember coming up, everybody was a blue ribbon school.

It’s Excelling

It’s a Blue Ribbon School because it’s excelling.

What Horace Greeley Elementary School Has Got

And one of the reasons is, it’s got a fine principal in Carlos.

The Bush Assministration, For Instance

Look, I recognize some people don’t like accountability.

It’s Commonsensatious!

It’s pretty commonsensical it seems like to me.

Cerebellum In Hell-um

In other words, in return — and I — you know, I was — I was an old governor of a state.

Revenge Of The Fancy Words

It’s also important to disaggregate results, which is like a fancy word for we want to know whether or not each student is learning.

A Simple Truth = A Question

And one of the simple truths is, can this child read at grade level at the appropriate time. That’s a simple truth.


That’s why — I can remember somebody standing up and saying, No Child Left Behind Act is really one of the civil rights — it’s a civil rights piece of legislation, because this person was sick and tired of the day when people were just moved through the school system, without wondering whether or not the child could read and write and add and subtract.

Where Every Child Be

Test results are all a part of making sure we achieve a great national goal, and that is, every child be at grade level by 2014.

2 thoughts on “Your President Speaks! Again!

  1. Dumb Question: What ever became of the School District Superintendant who used to be the poster child for NCLB? You know, the one who was caught cooking the books?

  2. Hey, give the guy a break! He felt (in his gut, no doubt) that, since he was speaking at an elementary school, he should speak at an elementary school level. Alright, alright–so he spoke at only a preschool level–but at least, he tried! He tried!

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