Your President Speaks!

Today, inIsrael, during his presser with Israeli Prime Minister Olmert.

He’s A People

I’m an optimistic people — people say, do you think it’s possible during your presidency, and the answer is, I’m very hopeful and will work hard to that end.

To Convince Other

Secondly, the knowledge of how to convert any materials into a bomb. We don’t know whether they have that knowledge or not. However, for the sake of peace, we ought to assume they do, and therefore, rally the world to convince other that they’re a threat.

In Which They Can Use To Deliver

Third, they’ve got missiles in which they can use to deliver the bomb.

Qualms For The Poor

The Iranian people — we have no qualm with Iranian people.

Iran – It Is People

It’s people with a proud history and a great tradition.

We’re For A Two State

It’s one thing for somebody to say to the President, sure, we’re for a two state — just to make the President feel okay.

The Vision Track

There’s three tracks going on, by the way, during this process. One is the vision track.

What Settlements Is

Settlements is a road map issue; security is a road map issue, in a certain limited sense.

No Man Is An Island — Or A Safe Haven

Matter of fact, maybe the Prime Minister can comment on this in a while, in a second, but at least he’s told me that he fully recognizes in order for there to be a state, he cannot be a safe haven for terrorists that want to destroy Israel.

The Truth Slips Out

She’s referring to, Mr. Prime Minister, the fact that our ships were moving along very peacefully off the Iranian border in territorial water — international waters, and Iranian boats came out and were very provocative.

2 thoughts on “Your President Speaks!

  1. I feel sorry for Ehud Olmert, and I don’t even like the guy. He’s probably going along there thinking “Hu kmoh kova tembel — bli kova,” [Idiomatically, “He’s like a dunce cap without the cap”] and other similar things.
    I’m given to understand that there’s no good way to swear in Hebrew, so Hebrew-speakers borrow their naughty words from the other dominant local language. Five gets you ten Olmert’s Arabic vocabulary is getting a real workout lately…

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