Your President Speaks! Saturday Edition

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Saturday, inManama, Bahrain .

Betcha He Sits When He Pees

I am really honored to be the first U.S. sitting President to have visited your country.

Saturday, inKuwait City, Kuwait.

What The Freedom Agenda Says All Participants In Society Have Got

I happen to believe very strongly in the freedom agenda and I think an integral part of that agenda is making sure that all participants in society have got an equal voice.

The First Ran I Ever Ran

We’ve had people here at the table who ran for Kuwaiti parliament. Jenan ran, she said — I told her the first race I ever ran, I lost — and she said, well, the first ran I ever ran I lost too.

Saturday, inCamp Arifjan, Kuwait.

Brain Lag

Iraqis are gradually take control of their country.

Other Other Words

General Petraeus made it clear to me that, from his perspective, that conditions on the ground will be that which guides his recommendations. And I made it clear that’s what I want. In other words, our General has got to understand that success in Iraq is critical. In other words, that ought to be the primary concern when it comes to determining troop levels, and no better person to ask as — on how to achieve success in Iraq than the General in charge of Iraq.

What They Discussed About

So that’s what we discussed about — he didn’t talk about specific levels; he talked about continually assessing the situation on the ground, and will report to Congress in March.

All You Got To Do

People say, what are you talking about, hateful vision? Well, I said, all you got to do is look at what life was like if you were a young girl under the Taliban in Afghanistan.

A Cerebellum In Rebellion

I think the only thing I can tell you we’re on track for is to follow through on that which he recommended last September, and that we’ll be on track getting down to 15. And that’s what we’re on track for. My attitude is, if he didn’t want to continue the drawdown, that’s fine with me, in order to make sure we succeed, see. I said to the General, if you want to slow her down, fine; it’s up to you. And so the only thing I can tell you we’re on track for is, we’re doing what we said was going to happen.

What The Iraqis Got

They got a lot more work to do, but they’re passing law.

A De-Baath Law

And they’re now in the process of a budget — getting their budget passed, and a de-Baath law.

The Global War On Plurals Continues

I would say that I wish they had passed more law. Of course, in December, I was wishing our legislature had passed more law at times, too.

JimmyJeff Favored Bottom-Up Reconciliation

There are two types of reconciliation: that which can be achieved by passage of national law; and the other kind is the bottom-up reconciliation, where people in neighborhoods are just — who are sick and tired of criminality and violence, say, look, let’s do something about it.

Saturday, atCamp Arifjan, Kuwait.

People Talk Bad Like Me

People say, you looking forward to the trip?

The Director Is Sic

From their noble ranks came soldiers with some of our nation’s highest directors* [sic], including 19 recipients of the Medal of Honor.


What The History Pages Will See

Sometimes it’s hard to forecast what the history pages are going to see when you’re right in the midst of it all.

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  1. Wow. I loved reading that quickly-withdrawn (but grudgingly acknowledged) Powerline recommendation!

  2. I am absolutely sick to my stomach that he is going around talking about peace and freedom yet in the background he seems to be working towards a conflagration.
    To wit: TP reports that he is telling Israel that he doesn’t believe the NIE. AP reports the announcement that he is selling a large package of arms to the Saudis, etc. etc.

  3. Now that you’ve been discredited by the Powerline approval, whats next, a gig at the NYT?

  4. “From their noble ranks came soldiers with some of our nation’s highest directors* [sic], including 19 recipients of the Medal of Honor.”
    Thank goodness for the clarification–I never would have figured out what he was trying to say.

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