Tonight on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: Mittmania Edition

Primaries: The crazy, it burns us:

Thompson is at the bottom again. Very dissapointing.

Will Mitt be marching with Martin Luther King in South Carolina?

Of course The Food Network was against Huckabee since he lost all that weight.


Like I posted here last night, Hillary is going to have to come up with a big ole “Ich bin ein negro” speech…and mach schnell.

Fred didn’t campaign in MI at all. He’s following a Southern strategy (and, I think, in some kind of ironic twist, given that it *is* a Southern strategry, hoping to get the nomination the way Lincoln did on the third ballot, despite not having a plurality on the first.)

Did you see Nightline last night? I’ve seen liberal rodents that are more appealing than this RINO asshat. Joe Isuzu Romney won’t win the South if he buys the nomination. We’re not voting for him.

Liberal rodents?


5 thoughts on “Tonight on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: Mittmania Edition

  1. Liberal rodents is a direct crack at your lovely pets! That guy probably supports Rudy “I hate Ferrets” Guiliani.

  2. I’m sure “liberal rodents” is a reference to that most Freeperite of insults, “democRATS”. I haven’t gone trolling in that backwater of the gene pool all that often, but every time I have I’ve seen this homage to the famous Bush 2000 “subliminal” RATS ad (context).

  3. First it was Liberal Rodents, next it will be Libents. I’ve already seen a local columnist refer to Liberals as “Liberons,” meaning Liberal Morons.
    In fact, this slur “Liberons” was directed against myself specifically, in response to a letter I wrote the columnist. Yes, I was very proud.

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