Your President Speaks!

Today, inFrederick, Maryland.

Chimpy Discusses His Package

Any package has got to remember that jobs are created by small businesses.

What We Got To Make Sure

The other thing is, is that we got to make sure that we benefit consumers.

What We Got All Kinds Of

One reason I’m optimistic is because I understand we got all kinds of Americans just like this man here, working hard to provide a living for folks and to make a product people want.


I’m proud to be — I love the entrepreneurial class in — I love people who have a dream and work hard to achieve the dream.

3 thoughts on “Your President Speaks!

  1. So how does the benefit of small business and consumers jive with the gas price rises, real estate bust, dropping stock market, etc.?

  2. I did a google search for Wright Manufacturing. You know what they make? Commercial grade lawnmowers, that’s what. Why the fuck is the President of the United States giving what is nothing more than a two-bit stump speech, at a lawnmower factory. More important why are WE paying the tab for him to go on a field trip to the see the nice man who makes the grass chop-chop machines? You know, it’s not like there’s a war going on or anything, is there? Oh yeah, stupid me – there IS a war going on! Just wait, Stupor Bowl Sunday’s coming up; Chimpy’ll probably take a week off for that.

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