Right Now, Bitches, Right Now

Blow the horn.

Time to put a stop to it, Senators. Time, past time, to stop acting like you don’t get what this is about. Time to stop fucking around. Time to stand up. Time to do this, past time, long past time, should have done it years ago. This has never been okay, it never will be okay, and unless you really, really, really aggressively work to not give a shit, it’s not okay right now, so get off your asses.

If there’s one thing the past seven years have proved to me, it’s that nobody does anything without being pestered and hectored and bothered and shoved. So shove. Make them feel it. Do it tonight. Do it right now. Take a minute and send the e-mail. It just takes a second. I Can Haz Cheeseburger can wait. Trust me.

We throw our words out there and we don’t know where they stop. We call for this, we call for that, we rage and we rumble and we shake the windows and rattle the walls but we never really know what we’ve accomplished. It’s why it’s so easy to devalue, and trust me, I don’t take it too seriously, I know what I am and am not about here. But we do take the time we’ve decided to give over to reading and writing, these days, to reading and writing about crawling back out of this fucking hole called the Bush administration, one funny Dodd picture and communications link at a time, and if that isn’t everything, it isn’t nothing, either.

Do this, do it right now. Make the calls, send the messages, watch the debate, participate like a citizen, like an American, like this is all you’ve got left because itfucking is. Right now. Don’t wait. Right now.


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