6 thoughts on “Happy Democrat Photos: Real Senator Editions

  1. YAY! Us!
    Not to be cynical here, but you do realize they were both gonna be in DC anyway for the SOTU, right? I wonder if Harry Reid scheduled it thinking that far ahead, like maybe that they should actually you know, LEAD on this issue…?
    And ya gotta wonder how much my guy Edwards coming out for it last week got to both Clinton and Obama. I’d be curious to know. I think he’s pulling both of them and the Overton Window further left in re his standing up for the middle-class, homeless vets and the voiceless. So I certainly hope he can stay in it much longer.

  2. Crack Van for FISA! YAYYYYYY! I was really bummed thinking I wouldn’t be able to be there for the SOTU Crack Van tonight. This is WAY better.
    I sent a fax to Ken Salazar this morning. Here’s hoping that BlueDog bastard doesn’t screw this one up, too.

  3. maybe my lolspeak confused ya…are we having the promised Crack Van today, well tonight for sotu AND tomorrow (fisa)? Or am I to have to sit at home going through the DTs yet again? 😉
    Or am I going to have to do shots on my own w/no kitten noises?

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