You WON!…If you had guessed 885 days…


That is if you had guessed it would take 885 days for FEMA to dispense funds for the rebuilding of New Orleans’ fire stations.

FromNew Orleans City Business:

FEMA dispenses $16.9M to rebuild N.O. firehouses

NEW ORLEANS – The Federal Emergency Management Agency today provided
nearly $16.9 million to rebuild and repair New Orleans Fire Department
facilities, including $3.1 million for rebuilding permanent facilities.


Meanwhile comedianDennis Leary’s group was actually rehabing firehouses almost a year ago


That site reminds us of this…

The NOFD lost 22 of their 33 firehouses, and 75-80% of the firefighters
lost their personal homes as well, and had family members evacuated
across the country. Yet during the storm and after the disastrous
breach of the levees, not one member of The NOFD abandoned their post
throughout the rescue and recovery mission, which lasted months.

One thought on “You WON!…If you had guessed 885 days…

  1. pansypoo says:

    that is UNACCEPTABLE!
    we can sticll im[peach georgie after 09 right? RIGHT?


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