10 thoughts on “Edwards Out

  1. Eschewing lobbying groups doesn’t yield large contributions. The principled man just can’t keep up.
    Damn Damn Damn.

  2. i am very very incredibly sad and worried. can someone come by my office and hug me? 🙁 🙁 🙁

  3. I haz a sad.
    Someone explain to me all this “kingmaker” stuff they’re saying about him. The press treats him like he’s invisible while he’s running, now they’re saying he has all this power to bestow on either Hill or Obama

  4. all i can say is. A DEMOCRAT BETTER FUCKING WIN IN 08! i am not putting up with another fucking turd. not for at least 8 years and i just don’t see hll going 8.
    so obama, you better be a winner.

  5. Damn. I had to keep my Edwards support secret at home, since He’s A Trial Lawyer and my wife’s a physician, and they’re, like, natural enemies. Guess my caucus will be a little more boring now. First Dodd, then Edwards… bummer.
    So, who agrees that a McCain/Clinton contest is the worst thing for Dems?

  6. I agree that a McCain/Clinton contest is the worst, most dangerous thing for Dems. I think the crazy old coot can beat her.
    I am incredibly sad… I really liked him. Gave him my meager $$ — Dodd and Edwards and Feingold were pretty much the only ones I liked. Obama hasn’t won me — he needs to have a progressive shift before I like him — great rhetoric doesn’t do it for me.
    I’d like Hillary better if she didn’t have all the same old crappy people around her… the DLC is the Devil. (No, Ok, Cheney is the Devil. The DLC is just one of those creepy little demons from hell that Malificent conjures in Sleeping Beauty.)

  7. So, drunken hausfrau, what you’re saying is that the DLC isn’t the Devil, it’s the guy who rides shotgun in the devil’s pickup truck and runs into the 7-11 to buy the devil’s cigarettes, right?

  8. The DLC is the devil’s prison bitch, Lex.
    The media is the devil’s shotgun rider.
    here is a “win” for the “media elites” that we will all regret for a long, long, long time.

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