Your President Speaks!

Yesterday, inTorrance, California.

I’ll Be Back… To Herald The Success

And your boy told me that you dreamt about a company and you started it in your kitchen. Isn’t it interesting? The company was started in the kitchen, and now he’s got the Terminator coming by to herald the success.

Grasping The Obvious

Fourth quarter growth slowed to .6 percent. In other words, there are signs that our economy are slowing.

In Other Words, There’s Before Since And After Since

We’ve been through problems before. As a matter of fact, we’ve been through problems before since I was your President.

What We Can Have (Next year)

We can have some smart policy out of Washington.

The Economy Defined

See, when you provide an incentive for a company to invest, they go out and buy a machine. And when they buy that machine, somebody has to put labor into the machine; somebody is working.

Who Are These People?

Now, people in our country — let’s be perfectly frank about it, you hear them say trade isn’t any good; it doesn’t help.

Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign

When 70 percent of that which you manufacture gets sold somewhere else other than the United States, they ought to have a sign walking in here and say, trade is not only good, it is great; and we want the federal government to make it easier for us to sell products.

International Trade Defined

When people are selling something overseas, it means somebody is working. And there’s a lot of customers overseas.

What They Got

In other words, they got their goods and services coming to our country without a lot of tariffs — and when we’re trying to sell into their countries, they’re taxing it, which makes it much harder to sell.


We’re saying to countries, if your goods and services are coming here — which, by the way, are good for our consumers; like if you’re a consumer you want a lot of choices, you want a lot of — you want a lot of different options.

You Got Nonexistent People

You got people in this country saying, oh, trade doesn’t matter.

Forgets Where He Is

I’m telling you it matters: It matters to our economy, and it matters to the jobs right here at Robinson Manufacturer — Robinson Helicopter.

Negotiation Defined

Well, we’ve negotiated free trade agreements. In other words, we sat down with countries and said, let’s get a free trade agreement in place.

There Was Four

And we reduced barriers and tariffs through the negotiations, and there are three such agreements before the Congress. There was four; Congress recently passed a deal with Peru.

He’s Not Sure There Is A 15% Tax

There’s a 15 percent tax on the helicopter you manufacture. I’ve been told there’s a 15 percent tax, I believe there’s a 15 percent tax, and I know that a free trade agreement will reduce that tax — which means it’s more likely you’re going to sell a helicopter into Panama.

What That Means

And when you’re more likely to sell a helicopter to Panama, it means you’re more likely to keep work, that’s what that means.

We Want To Worry

I mean, if we want to worry about our economy long-term, you need your government knocking down barriers to our products and on goods and services.

Voices In His Head?

Some say trade hurts our economy.

We’re In An Ideological Struggle With Dick Cheney?

You know, we’re in this ideological struggle against, I called them last night, “evil men,” and I meant what I said.

There Is Some Countries

There’s some countries around the world that have accumulated large amounts of money. Sometimes it’s our money.

Ew! Chunks On The Sheet!

I noticed the other day one of these Wall Street firms had a big chunk of foreign money invest on their — in their balance sheet.

2 thoughts on “Your President Speaks!

  1. George is an utter moron, and Arnold is not much better.
    But I gotta tell ya, when those two big-ass miltary helicopters flew over yesterday morning, I still got up and walked to the window to gawk.
    (I live about a mile from the Torrance airport, and am used to the little Robinson helicopters flying over all the time. The noise from George’s helicopters was something else again. A couple car alarms were set off.)

  2. Do you think that the speechwriter was trying to put in something about how some people think NAFTA type trade is a bad thing — sending jobs overseas and the like — and Bush just thought he knew what it meant and went off on his own little version of the speech? Or is he just on autopilot, with the little phrase “some people think” thrown in to get him from one point to another?

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