Columnwhoring: More On the Collegian


The lessons the student press teaches its eager pupils influence our discourse to an unimaginable extent. Student journalists go on to become professional journalists and authors, driving the public conversation from politics to pop culture. The lessons they learn in college inform their work from that point forward; discounting their early experiences is a mistake.

As is putting them to the service of Gannett’s shareholders. If the Collegian’s editors are right in suspecting retribution for their loud and inconvenient criticism of the president, university officials should be ashamed to be engaging in such cheap politicking.

If they are wrong, and the university leaders simply are seeking profit, they should be no less ashamed.


One thought on “Columnwhoring: More On the Collegian

  1. *sigh* I’m so old, I thought the purpose of collegiate journalism was to allow people to get their feet wetwithout worrying about what the advertisers and shareholders would think. Once again, you’ve hit a bases-loaded, bottom of the ninth homer.

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