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Tony Farto Eats Shit, Part I

Q Can you comment on the new jobs report, and particularly the fact — if I have this right — that the number of jobs was actually cut, ending that consecutive streak of job growth that the President touts so often?

MR. FRATTO: I can’t comment on the jobs report at this time in the morning. I think you’ll have a chance to hear from us later today — and that, of course, has to do with the long-standing rule of not commenting on economic data within one hour of release of that data. So we’ll have a chance to talk about it later this morning.

Tony Farto Eats Shit, Part II

Q What’s your reaction to OPEC’s decision? They rebuffed the President’s request in Saudi Arabia for them to pump more oil.

MR. FRATTO: I didn’t see any reporting on that, in terms of what OPEC’s decisions are, so I’ll have to see what they said.

Q I can tell you what they said. They said that they would keep oil supplies unchanged and they began a debate about whether to curb supplies in March.

MR. FRATTO: Well, look, I think everyone is fully aware that having a reliable and steady and predictable supply of oil is a benefit to the global economy, in addition to the U.S. economy.


Q Can I ask one more on the OPEC thing — I mean, the President spoke directly with King Abdallah, so what more can the United States do to get its message across? Obviously they’re not listening.

MR. FRATTO: I think they do listen to us, and I think they do listen to the market, also.

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  1. I really enjoy reading your blog, it always has great insight. But I am very frustrated with the media’s lack of questions to the presidential candidates about global warming. Now that it is down to just a few candidates I would think that this would be a bigger issue.
    Live Earth just picked up this topic and put out an article ( ) asking why the presidential candidates are not being solicited for their stance on the issue of the climate change. I just saw an article describing each candidate’s stance on global warming and climate change on . So obviously they care about it. Is it the Medias fault for not asking the right questions or is it the candidates’ fault for not highlighting the right platforms? Does anyone know of other websites or articles that touch on this subject and candidates’ views? This is the biggest problem of the century and for generations to come…you would think the next president of the United States would be more vocal about it.

  2. MR. FRATTO: I think they do listen to us, and I think they do listen to the market, also.
    And unfortunately for The Deciderer, the market is saying “A hundred bucks a barrel.”

  3. MR. FRATTO: I think they do listen to us, and I think they do listen to the market, also.
    And they’re giving us the finger with their invisible hand.

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