8 thoughts on “Friday Videos

  1. Who in the hell was that dumb blonde in the last video? Holy COW! (Although I did once have a co-worker ask me whether Europe had summer at the same time as the U.S. and whether Amsterdam was a country or not…)

  2. Thanks Scout – all 3 of these are priceless.
    To accompany the intelligent lady, (BTW – WHO IS THAT?) is a clip from the Miss Teen 2007 pagent with Miss South Carolina :

  3. I only watched the blonde clip and I now have a head wound from beating my head against the table… Effing mouth breathers!!!
    23 years ago, my grandparents were headed on vacation. They got their start at a local eatery to their Texas home, and the waitress (who knew them as regulars) asked their plans for the weekend. My grandfather responded that they were headed to Amsterdam. Smiling, the server honestly responded “That sounds like a great time…are you going to drive?” My grandparents smiled and merely replied “No, it’s easier to fly.”
    Stay in school, kids…then again, until they get the educational system back to educating and not just rote standardized test-based results…
    GAHHHHH!!! The bimbette’s ignorance is ringing in my ears…make it stop! Doan want!!!
    Peace, Elspeth

  4. I’ve spoken to Harlan Ellison in person, and no, he’snot a “complete asshole,” sorry. I’ll go as far as “martinet,” but not “complete asshole.” He gave me some damn good advice, once upon a time, which is part of the reason why I’m now making my living at writing.

  5. I don’t take a piss without getting paid for it!
    Way to perpetuate the stereotype of the penny pinching greedy Jew, Harlan.
    “What, do a little favor for a guy that employed me for a few years and maybe it’ll sell a few more DVDs for him and put a few more dollars in his pocket? Fuck That Shit, bitch.”
    That’s what you’re saying Harlan. It all about the money and only the money. How much were you paid to plug the furniture and stereo when you did the intro to the Rocketeer trade paperback?
    Yeah, the amateurs are the problem. Remember when YOU were the amateur submitting your grubby little stories to the SF magazines?
    Remember when the editors would send them back with suggestions on how to improve your work, and didn’t charge you for their advice. What a buch of chumps they were, eh, Harlan? Imagine, all that experience in SF and they’re giving free advice away.
    Hey, Harlan, is theLast Dangerous Visions going to be published anytime before the heat death of the Universe?
    Yeah, didn’t think so. What’s the current excuse? That one you were flogging some years ago about being afflicted with “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” didn’t work all that well, did it.
    Face it, Harlan. Youused to be relevent. Now, you’re just Grandpa Simpson, yelling at the kids to get off your lawn and boring everyone with your pointless stories.

  6. Sorry, interrobang. I have also spoken with Harlan in person, and I am close to someone who has had a very unpleasant experience with him. He may have been kind to you, but when a man grabs a woman’s breast without her permission, that makes him an asshole in my book.

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