Your President Speaks!

Yesterday, inLas Vegas, Nevada. Unfortunately, what happend in Las Vegas did not stay there.

Cutting Edge Thought

I thank you for being on the forefront of good, optimistic thought.

Perfectly Clear

This is a — not a political conflict — I mean, a religious conflict.

Hitler And Stalin Did Not Kill Innocent People

What distinguishes this ideological struggle from previous ideological struggles — those with — against fascism or communism, is that in this war, individuals use weapons to kill innocent people — car bombs and suicide vests.

Isolated Moments Of

And that’s why you see the September 11th attacks, in London, in Madrid, in Jordan — attacks around the world. Some will say these are just isolated moments of — where all we need is a good, strong law enforcement response.

On The March!

And the interesting development that is taking place in the beginnings here of the 21st century is, the freedom movement is on the march.

What We Have Got – Not

We’ve got — you know, thankfully there hasn’t been an attack on our homeland since then.

There’s A Folks

There’s a — unbelievably dedicated folks.

Fear Mongering Gone Awry

They recognized that this tool was important to protect America. And yet, unfortunately, the bill they passed is set to expire tomorrow — or was set to expire tomorrow.

There Is Threats

There’s still ongoing threats.

What We Got

And so we spend a lot of time doing everything we can to keep the pressure on these folks. And we got some good people working it.

There Is Some Folks

I repeat to you, I know there’s some good folks who think this is just simply a law enforcement matter.

There Was A Lot

Even more remarkable was the fact that the United States had no stronger ally in defeating terror, no stronger ally than understanding the power of freedom to be transformative. I say “no stronger ally” — Tony Blair was strong; there was a lot.

What Liberty Has Got

And liberty has got the capacity to transform an enemy to an ally.

Cerebral Vortex

In Afghanistan — the interesting lesson on Afghanistan for the world to see is that how the vision of the enemy would be implemented — in other words, these poor folks had the Taliban as their oppressors.

Pie in the Sky

These thugs didn’t believe in freedoms, they didn’t believe in women having equal status, they didn’t believe young girls should be educated. And if you dared express your opinion that didn’t mesh with theirs, you’d be whipped in the public square or killed. These are brutal people. That’s the vision that these folks have for the world. That’s what they want. Some Americans probably just missed that and say, oh, that’s just a pipe dream, pie in the sky on their part.

What To The Nation He Said

The other night to the nation I said, we’re sending 3,200 Marines in to supplement our troops there.

Mission Accomplished!

We surged, we accomplished missions, the Iraqis are more capable.

He’s Not A Right Winger

The temptation, of course, is for people to say, well, make sure you do the politically right thing. That’s not my nature. That’s not exactly what we’re going to do.

The Capital Of Baghdad Is Omaha

And all I can tell you is I talk to our ambassador and General Petraeus on a weekly basis, and they report that markets that were once shut down in dismal places as a result of attacks are beginning to come back and flourish, and life is improving dramatically. Baghdad — the capital of Baghdad is — which was once subject to unbelievable sectarian violence, is improving, and life is returning — and that’s positive.

What We Watched A Lot About

So we watched a lot about the inflation rates and unemployment rates — and they’re doing pretty well, they really are, given the fact that they’ve come from a tyrannical regime that let the infrastructure of the country fall apart.

Medulla Ohmigodda

But it’s — but Saddam is removed — and now a government elected by the people, debating the proper role between central government and provincial government.

Sitting Down With Elected From The Middle East

And I believe an American President will be sitting down with elected from the Middle East saying the same thing to audiences in Nevada that I said about Prime Minister Koizumi.

Recruits A Sixty-Year-Old Man Into The Military

And so I met the Krissoffs. Mr. Krissoff is a 60-year-old guy — I shouldn’t be calling him “mister” because I’m a little older than he is — but he’s a baby-boomer just like me, and a successful doctor. He said something very interesting to me. He said that he wanted to honor his country and honor his son by joining the military. I looked at the guy and said, yes, okay. I said, why don’t you? He said, well, some of the folks think I’m a little old. I said, I don’t — with him being a younger fella. So I helped him. And in Laura’s box at the State of the Union sat Lieutenant Commander Bill Krissoff, serving the United States of America.

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  1. I can’t bear to do more than scan the excerpts you post. Don’t know how you manage to comb through the whole thing time after time. It’s wrist-slittin’ stuff.

  2. Some observations and comments:
    CHIMPY: “. . .they’re doing pretty well, they really are, given the fact that they’ve come from a tyrannical regime that let the infrastructure of the country fall apart.”
    Did he really admit that his administration is “a tyrannical regime”?
    CHIMPY: “Mr. Krissoff is a 60-year-old guy — I shouldn’t be calling him “mister” because I’m a little older than he is — but he’s a baby-boomer just like me, and a successful doctor.”
    Geez, Chimpy, just call him “mister” because it’s the POLITE, WELL-MANNERED, AND PROPER way to address the person, no matter what his age is, rather than “guy”–especially when it’s someone who is being recognized and honored. And, if the gentleman is “a successful doctor”, why not just say “Dr. Krissoff”?

  3. Additionally, I’m rather surprised that Chimpy didn’t rehash his tired, never funny routine: “He’s a doctor, I was only a C student, but look at who’s the Lieutenant Commander and who’s the Commander-in-Chief!”

  4. I’m trying to remember how concerned the Republicans and especially the neocons were about the way the Taliban was oppressing women prior to 9/11. For some reason, I just can’t remember any expressions of outrage then.

  5. “debating the proper role between central government and provincial government”
    with bombs. It’s a win-win for the airbases.
    Oh wait…did I say that? I meant for the democracy.

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