Buy Cheap Crap

I’m sureconsumers will start spending again when Chimpy’s stimulus package kicks in this summer.

There is more evidence of a stumbling economy this morning.

The nation’s retailers are reporting weak sales for January. The figures show shoppers have gotten even more tight-fisted since Christmas. The reports underscore how consumers are being hit by the high prices of gas and food, the housing slump, the growing credit crisis and a weakening job market.

Wal-Mart, the world’s biggest retailer, reports a slim half-point gain in sales at stores open at least a year. Those sales are considered the best measure of a retailer’s health. Analysts had expected a two-percent increase for Wal-Mart.

Limited Brands reports an eight-percent drop in January. Pacific Sunwear sales were off seven-point-four percent. Wet Seal Inc. dropped five-point-seven percent.

5 thoughts on “Buy Cheap Crap

  1. I am continuously shocked that the “fiscally responsible” party keeps demanding that people without money should go out and shop till they drop.
    You’d think that they could understand that a person has $X to spend. After paying for necessities (housing, heating, food, clothing, gas), if they don’t have money, they shouldn’t spend what they don’t have. After all, isn’t that the heart of the home loan debacle?
    Of course, the “fiscally responsible” folks also gave the country a record debt also.

  2. Oh, should have added, part of the repub mantra is that the govt can’t be your safety net.
    So someone who thinks they may loose their job in a soft economy should go out and spend more money?

  3. I guess the administration’s thinking is that, if we all had been Republicans, we all would have been wealthy, and thus, we all could have shopped ’til we dropped.
    Thank God, I’m not a Republican!

  4. “stimulus package”
    I so don’t want to touch that term with a ten-foot pole. Oh, Christ, I just did!

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