Today On Holden’s Obsession With The Gaggle

Today We GetSnott Stanzel, The Ultimate Third-Stringer, Who Explains That McCain Is Not Chimpy’s Man

Q But just to be clear, The Washington Post claimed this morning that this was an implicit endorsement of McCain; you’re saying, no?

MR. STANZEL: I think the headline writers are a little over-eager. I noticed the headline there and that was my impression of it. I think you should look at the words of the President very carefully.

Q So it wasn’t an endorsement today?

MR. STANZEL: No. I just said that.

Q Because beyond the headline — the story itself called it, I believe, an “implicit endorsement” of McCain.

MR. STANZEL: I’m not sure how you get to that point, so —

Q You don’t believe that?

MR. STANZEL: No, I don’t.

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  1. OT – Just wanted to check in and recommend the Sadly No! CPAC series. But it’s the “Twice Crowned” part you really have to read. Reminds me of Athenae rant. That good.

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