Your President Speaks!

Today, inWashington.

Screw You, You’re On Chimpy Time Now

7:21 A.M. EST

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you, all. Good morning. I thank you for coming. I apologize to my friend — he likes to sleep in.

Daddie Issues

And I appreciate the fact you invited Vice President Cheney here. He is the best Vice President in history.

Voices In His Head

We believe our nation has the right to defend itself — even if sometimes others disagree.

What We’re Being Making

I recognize the progress in Iraq is fragile and there’s going to be tough days ahead. Yet even the enemy recognizes the progress we’re being making.

Grateful For Supporting

I appreciate the volunteer work you did in two tough campaigns. I’ll always — always — be grateful for supporting our cause, for giving me a chance, and for loving our country.

One thought on “Your President Speaks!

  1. Yet even the enemy recognizes the progress we’re being making
    Maybe Chimpy grew up speaking Irish Gaelic, where constructions like “It’s a whole of progress I’m thinking you’re making” are not entirely uncommon.
    Or perhaps Chimpy wasn’t half pissed when he made that speech…and every other speech…

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