Jonathan Penner. Hey, if I’m gonna get dinged for watching Survivor, I’m at least gonna show you what the appeal is.

Seriously, though, this Barack Obama “patriotism” thing. This is why the whole electability conversation is basically crap. Nobody’s immune from the slime machine, and nobody should even worry about immunity, honestly. Nobody should even worry about defense. Nobody should even worry about how best to answer whatever hypothetical attacks the Republicans/press/stupid among us might come up with tomorrow. It’s pointless. Whatever you say in your defense, once you’re defending, it’s over, so don’t even bother defending.



2 thoughts on “Immunity

  1. A, you hit the nail on the head that when you start apologizing and explaining, you have already lost.
    The neocon tactic for the last few elections has been to “hit them at your weak spot”. This prevents you from attacking their weak spot and also puts the dems in “denying the statement” mode. If the dems are gonna win, they’re going to have to develop an effective comeback.

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