5 thoughts on “It’s Not The War Crimes

  1. Basic rule of ethical analysis: What if everyone did this?
    (the flip side to your mother’s, “If everyone else jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?).
    The USA says setting a time table would embolden the terrorists. Why would Turkey want to embolden the terrorists?
    I remember on first hearing Shrubs posturing speech on, “If you harbor a terrorist, you are a terrorist”…and anything you do to stop a terrorist is justified.
    My thoughts were immediately that then any nation on earth could easily find a reason to bomb any other nation. As I remember it, it was about a month later that Israel stood before the UN and justified its actions by stating the same thing (albeit much more eloquently than Shrub).

  2. Maple Street, my wife says I talked in my sleep last night, but it was much more eloquent than a Bush speech.
    Given that we are in a GWOT now, a war of survival against the terrorists, I suggest opening a new front in Northern Iraq to aid our allies, the noble Turks. Of course we also must aid our allies, the noble Kurds,too, so I see this as the wet dream come true for the US armaments industries – perpetual war with all of the weapons and munitions being sold by the US armaments industries. I only regret that I have too little capital to “invest” in those industries.
    Sure, a few US soldiers may be casualties, but, to make an omelet you have to break some heads – or something like that.

  3. Hoppy, As Garrison Keillor observed, humorists are in trouble when reality is so strange that it is funnier than fictional humor.
    BTW – “but it was much more eloquent than a Bush speech.” You usually set the bar a little higher 😉

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