The Editors Should Have My Baby

Wait. No.I have that backwards:

McCain can’t run against a candidate until a candidate exists. Right now, John McCain is tasked with attacking a cypher, a genderless, ethnicityless everyperson who is too insidery/inexperienced, did/didn’t oppose the Iraq War, does/does not support NAFTA, and so on. But, consider – what if Hillary doesn’t win? I kid – I kid because I love. But before beginning a proper campaign, the Republicans have to decide to howl about the threat to the Republic posed by the imminent election of a possible Lesbian In College or a dusky, foreign Manchurian candidate. Unless it turns out that Wellesley is a madrasah or Michelle Obama is a man, every day before a winner is named is a day lost to the noise machine.

The co-bloggerdisagrees here.


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