Heh. Nobody chose communism.

Martina Navratilova, the nine-time Wimbledon champion, has regained her Czech nationality after saying she was “ashamed” of George Bush.


In an interview last year with a Czech newspaper, Lidove Noviny, the tennis player said she was as ashamed of the US under Bush as she once was about Czechoslovakia, which split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia after communism fell in 1993.

“The thing is that we elected Bush,” she said. “That is worse! Against that, nobody chose a communist government in Czechoslovakia.”

4 thoughts on “Martina!

  1. I like Martina, but she is WRONG.
    Bush NEVER won a legal election in his life, certainly not for pResident.
    We have outed all that fraud, and partly dismantled it. And then what happens?
    Shockingly, if you actually count the votes (or recount them in fact), Democrats win by landslide. Imagine that.
    Gore WON. Kerry WON. Obama –will– WIN, because we have thousands of vote activists working to prevent the R theft of our winning elections any more.
    The statement that “nobody chose a communist government in Czechoslovakia”? ONLY HALF RIGHT.
    “In 1946 parliamentary election the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia emerged as the winner in the Czech lands (the Democratic Party won in Slovakia). In February 1948 the Communists seized power.” — wikipedia

  2. (and note, she is specifically wrong about HER ethnic portion of that now severed state).

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