Your President Keeps Speaking!!!!

Today, at theWhite House.

What PRTs Is

As you can see here on the screen in front of me, we’ve got assembled in Afghanistan — thanks to Ambassador Wood — PRTs, which is Provincial Reconstruction Teams, made up of military and civilian personnel, all aiming to help the Afghans recover from unbelievable brutality of the Taliban and have a society that’s capable of meeting the needs of its people.

Our Counter-Effective Counter-Insergency Strategy

Any counter — effective counterinsurgency strategy will require more than just military action.

The Blessings Of Good Governance

And so if you look on the screen you see brave and courageous Americans in uniform and not in uniform, because they’re a part of this strategy to help Afghans, one, understand the blessings of good governance — in other words, the folks are attempting to fight corruption at the local level so that the local citizens are able to have a positive outlook about their government.

What We Got

And the best thing we got going for us, not only do we have brave and compassionate citizens willing to serve, but we’ve also got an ideology based upon liberty, which stands in stark contrast to the ideology of the thugs and murderers called the Taliban.

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  1. I would have preferred if you titled this post “Your President Keeps Speaking!! Why Won’t He Shut the Fuck Up?”

  2. Hey, maybe this segment should always be titled “Shut the Fuck Up!”
    Just a thought…

  3. I remember when presidential speeches were INSPIRING, not EMBARASSING.

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