Well, We’ve Brought SOMETHING Out in the Open

The Chicago Tribune gets about what you’d expect from asking people to be honest about race.

Such as that black people haven’t used their freedom the way whitey approved.

Whites have some issues, too. You see all these grandchildren had parents who supported integration of schools, Martin Luther King…and yet they now find out black churches support Hamas and teach White hate and Damn America. How do we get past that, when we know whitey and being Jewish is hated.

Also, where’s whitey’s iced tea?

I am of white color. White is a color you know.

PHEAR the Negro elites!

these so-called honest ‘race-talk’ is nothing but an attempt by the elite negro class to pass the responsibility of black under-achievement into ‘white guilt’…

in the end what this shows more than anything else…

is how most elite blacks/negroes are in fact the biggest believers of the dogma of ‘white supremency’…


So that’s page one. It gets better.

because blacks are ever so limited by nature and they require an eternity of special help and mentoring (which is an acknowledgement to their inferiority) uncle sam is forced to be shaken-down and grant black people special black skin favoritism and protection status (pretend their black crime epidemic is the result of whitey’s ‘RACISM’)

please explain to me … what your understanding of ‘institutionalized racism’ is.

I think that one just answered his own question.

When we have questions and arguments about race I love it when people bring the truth out. Im tired of the sicko liberal brainwashing that goes on today. The leftists act as if some white european just invaded africa and stold poor africans. The reality is anything but that.

They weren’t stold?

You have the absolute freedom to be a racist slave in North Korea:

Oh this is America and racism if fine. Both black and white have the American freedom to do so and there is NOTHING wrong with that. Racists can be judged too. Non-racists can be judged by the racists. This isnt “one big happy society” nor I want it to be.

This isnt a damn liberal dictatorship its America. Our ideals make us American and the second we stop and all agree we wont be Americans we will be slaves much like North Koreans.

This guy’s a fan of Chicago, according to his user name. Get off my city’s side:

I have not shared the black experience. No food stamps,link card,job promotions due to color not ability, no rent vouchers, no forgiveness on utility bills,no gunshot wounds from a eight grade honor student. I am not a prepetual victim. Anything bad that occurs in my life I can not say its because I am black. I can not say that my percentage of the population is responsible for more than 40% of all violent crime, more than 50% of all homicides. More than 40 years of the great society and still the same.

Jesse Jackson wants to stop you from solving crimes:

I mean I cant say Im a “poor” person but I live in a low level white collar community with regular people who get dirty for a living. I have lived in the ghetto before and the majority of it is black and filled with crime. The sooner its addressed and fixed the better but its almost as if Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton defend moral criminal actions. Ignoring it will never make it better.

Boy, am I ever glad we’re “finally” having an honest conversation about race.


11 thoughts on “Well, We’ve Brought SOMETHING Out in the Open

  1. There’s something in the ether of the comments’ section of online American newspapers that brings out the kooks. It’s the ability to troll like there’s no tomorrow (identity protection being a laudable thing when you’re not abusing it).
    Also, what about “discussion” means “one-way venting” to these people?

  2. Getting sick and fucking tired of all this ‘white’ rage. Fucking pansy-assed babies. Whine and snivel because someone somewhere is getting something you think you’re entitled to. I swear, the mantra of the ‘White Race’ is “Everything is mine. Once you folks of color recognize that, I’ll give you some – when I am damn good and ready”.
    Sorry, that isn’t the way I was raised. I don’t care if someone gets a grant to go to school or start a business because of their heritage. Good for them. Make the best of it. Want to get people off welfare? Get rid of poverty.
    For the record, I am not White. I am of the Celtic Race. I refuse to be defined by the lack of pigment in my skin or some long ago connection with the Caucasus Mountains. When I tell folks of my heritage, I speak of Scotland, Ireland, and a little Denmark. I have no stories in my family of ancestors from the Caucasus. Hell, if you want to go back far enough, we’re all Africans.
    Why connect myself with ‘White’ or Caucasian? Look around! Most of the characters who refer to themselves as ‘the white race’ are hardly anyone to be proud of. I saw what ‘white’ people did during the Civil Rights Era and was sickened. Why would I want to associate myself with that?
    I’ve been listening to all these crackers spit and snivel about ‘black anger’ and ‘they’re racists too!’. Fuck that. If I spent a good part of my life at the receiving end of complete and utter hatred, risked life and limb for something as benign as going into a store, or was forced to bow down to a bunch of inbred white trash, I would be pissed off too. You know, I agreed with some of what Rev. Wright said.
    Now I hear Pat Buchanan spew hate and vitriol because his place in the ‘racial pecking order’ is at risk. Well Pat, I’ve got news for you. Your spot on the list of humanity’s best and brightest is secured – at the bottom.

  3. Boy, it really burns these bigots’ toast that their white privilege is threatened. There’s been a lot of that around lately — I noticed some Stormfront flyers pasted to a billboard (they put them on the billboards because here in Soviet Canuckistan even our Nazi shitheads are polite) advertising “White Pride Day” (aww, I missed it). I guess I’m going to have to dig my Anti-Racist Action buttons out and put them on my coat. I’ll go back on the barricades if I have to, but I’m getting too old and sore for that kind of BS these days.
    I know what it’s like to get kicked around because of the way you look — I’m visibly disabled, and people believe someweird bigoted things about disabled people. (F’rinstance, I’ll swap you “lazy,” “shiftless” and “violent” for “malingering,” “mentally deficient” and “sexless.”)
    I’m willing to bet that there are people still living today who had grandparents who were slaves in the US. I’ll tell you what — I’ll sell your grandparents into slavery and then see how pissed off you and yours are about it even four generations later.
    Do all right-wingers completely lack the ability to generalise and empathise?

  4. Hooo boy! and they say southerners are racists.
    Makes ya feel all warm and fuzzy knowing you have such fucktards in your city, right?

  5. fourlegs, these are no doubt the same people who lit up tiki torches and marched on a mosque after 9/11. I have never been under any illusions that my city was free of them.

  6. Ask them what they think about Corporate Welfare. They’re fine with it.

  7. Ask them what they think about Corporate Welfare. They’re fine with it.
    Well, duh! Corporations are run by Old White Men. It’s like Antebellum South, LLC.

  8. I’ve said it before, a lot of the above arguments remind me of the pamphlets passed out at Piggy Park / Bessinger’s in Columbia, SC which got him in the news.
    Basically, they espoused that the slaves were grateful to their white masters for taking them out of the jungle, paying their passage to America (after all, the Irish had to pay their own way; and in Colonial America, Europeans went into indentured servitude), and exposing them to the blessings of liberty.

  9. Makes ya feel all warm and fuzzy knowing you have such fucktards in your city, right?
    Hey, man, Iam a southerner. I just don’t live in the southernUnited States.
    Sometimes it’s every bit as stereotypically “Deep South” here as it is down there. Where I live is actually called “Carolinian Canada,” for ecological reasons. We even have vines all over the place!
    FWIW, I’m not the one flinging anti-Southern BS, either. (Would have been nice if you folks had actually finished Reconstruction, though.)

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